“Without her help and guidance, I would have settled for less and not landed this position that gives me room to grow and progress in the company.   Without Leigh’s support, I would not have been successful.”

“I was in career shift so Leigh had her work cut out for her.  I was amazed how she was able to draw pertinent information out and creatively organize ideas.”

“Getting started money was a consideration.  After our first meeting, I could hardly wait to meet again and take it to the next level.  We had barely scratched the surface.  This was bar none a worthy investment and tax write-off."

“Leigh presented the material in a fun and inviting manner!  Thanks—“ (Myers Briggs Type Indicator Workshop)

"Leigh has a unique way of making each and every one of her clients think they have a personal coach and mentor. I can say this because I have talked with a number of her past and present clients and can speak freely on their behalf. They all hold Leigh in very high esteem."








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