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Our clients have said:

Comment from a Training Coordinator of a Ten Steps to a Federal Job workshop: "Leigh, one of your class participants called and she went on and on aThat she spoke very highly of you."

The enlightening Ten Steps Workshops can be offered in a number of formats and lengths. The most effective way of presenting the entire scope of the Federal Job Search is in a two-day workshop for groups of 10 to 20 jobseekers. The two workshop days can be consecutive, or if they are separated by several days, the jobseekers will have time to complete homework assignments (such as writing their Federal resume and finding announcements using the techniques they learned the first day.)

Created by Kathryn Troutman, author of multiple Federal Resume and Job Search books

Section 1: Visualize Success - Reaching the Summit!
Introduction & Networking
The Decision: To pursue a Federal job
Step 1: Network – Who do you know?
Step 2: Review the Federal job processes

Section 2: Getting in Shape for the Climb
Step 3: Research vacancy announcements
Step 4: Analyze Federal core competencies for language
Step 5: Analyze vacancy announcements for keywords

Section 3: Starting the Climb
Writing Federal Resumes
Step 6: Write Your Federal and electronic resumes

Section 4: We’re Really Working Now
Writing KSAs and Cover Letters
Step 7: Write your KSAs and cover letters

Section 5: Now Enjoy the View and Reap the Benefits of Your Hard Work
Applying, Following-Up & Interviewing
Step 8: Apply for jobs and submit your resume
Step 9: Track and follow up
Step 10: Interviewing for Federal jobs


Common challenges?

"Yikes! I want a Federal job but I don’t understand the vacancy announcements."

"What are the steps that I need to take to get a Federal job?"

Innovative Solutions:

 In this interactive class, we walk you through the 10 steps involved in helping you apply for a Federal job. We de-mystify the Federal hiring process to help you position yourself as a best-qualified candidate.

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