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Inside of every human being, there is a deep reservoir of stillness, wisdom and peace. Meditation helps to quiet the activity of the mind so we can access this inner world and bring it forward into the activities of our daily lives. Through this inspired practice, we connect with a part of ourselves that remains steady in all circumstances. Meditation reduces stress, strengthens the mind, helps increase the ability stay focused, and provides deep rest. In meditation, we gain access to knowledge and insights that help us in all areas of our lives—work, productivity, creativity, relationships, health, spirituality, and service.

The Bridge offers individual and group instruction in meditation for public and corporate audiences.

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Common challenges?

“There is too much stress in my life.”

“My mind won’t stay focused.”

“I don’t seem to ever really rest.”

“I want to be more creative and peaceful.”

Innovative Solutions: 

Our meditation coaching and classes provide you with the tools to reduce stress, quiet your mind, and focus your thinking. Meditation helps increase creativity and joy!