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Our clients have said:

“Leigh was very accessible and her follow up was amazing. I appreciate the genuine concern I felt from her.”



We mentioned the book Sweaty Palms by H. Anthony Medley to a client once and she immediately said—that must be an interviewing book! 

We help our clients minimize their interview anxiety!  At The Bridge, we help clients recognize and present your key strengths, address weaknesses and negotiate effectively. We have helped clients add thousands of dollars to their starting salaries by showing employers where they can add value.  We can help you give an interview presentation that will impress employers.



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Common challenges?

"How do I answer questions about salary?" 

"I get soooooooo nervous when I interview.  How do I talk about my skills and experience in a way that results in a job offer?"

 "I am afraid to negotiate.  I want the highest possible starting salary.  I don’t want to lose the job offer." 

 Innovative Solutions:

Our behavior-based interviewing coaching will help you ace the interview!   

We’ll help you present your qualifications for the position in a personable and business-like manner that will support your receiving the best possible salary.