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Want to apply for a Federal job but don’t know where to start?  Not clear what to include in your Knowledge, Skill and Ability (KSA) addendums?  Befuddled by the language in Federal vacancy announcements? 

Call The Bridge!  As a Certified Federal Resume Writer & Career Coach, Leigh Moore has experience providing guidance on Federal résumés and KSAs.  We’ll brainstorm with you to help you identify relevant information to include and we will assist you in editing your Federal application package.  We have worked with clients pursuing a wide variety of positions and agencies, such as Physician Assistant, Investigator, Compliance, HR, Training, Fianace, Program Specialist, Engineering, Video Production, Program Management, Statistical Analysis, Information Technology (IT), Senior Executive Services (SES), FBI, Treasury Department, CDC, National Institutes of Health (NIH), AFSD, FEMA, USDOL, FDA, IRS, DLA, and various Defense Agencies.  Just to name a few!  We have had the good fortune to work with Federal employees seeking promotions and private industry clients pursuing their first federal position.

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Common challenges?

"How do I write a Federal resume?"

"I don’t understand their terminology."

"What is a KSA? Are they important?"

Innovative Solutions:

We write Federal resumes and KSAs that present your best qualifications for a Federal job and tell your career story in a way that highlights your match for the position.