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Our clients have said:

"These assessments have really captured who I am and now I know where I need to improve."

“Leigh, your services were so helpful! I reviewed my assessment results with my business management consultant and what I gained in using your services is now being incorporated into my business plan.”


The Bridge can assist you in evaluating employees and candidates through a wide variety of assessment instruments. We offer: Some of the assessments used are:

We are very pleased to offer the CPP and PREVUE. The CPP is an advanced computerized assessment designed to measure thinking processes and styles and to link these to everyday cognitive functioning. Using simulation exercises, subjects are monitored on their ability to explore, link, structure, transform, remember, learn and clarify information. These results are linked to job related performance.

The idea behind the CPP is to move beyond the concept of general intelligence as popularised by the IQ paradigm. The CPP therefore measures a number of information processing constructs in an integrated fashion, including cognative styles, problem solving, cognative processes / competencies, (i.e. the performance processes used to manage task material), metacognition or self-awareness of thinking processes and work-related processing aspects / level of complexity.

PREVUE is a comprehensive instrument that evaluates candidates according to your benchmarks. PREVUE focuses on personality, interests and abilities and is also used in succession planning and coaching. We are also available to interview candidates. Contact Leigh Moore to discuss the instruments that meet your requirements. lmoore@bridgecareermanagement.com

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Common challenges?

“We have made some bad hires that have been costly. We want more in-depth information about candidates before we hire them.”

“Our turnover is too high and we want to reduce it.”

Innovative Solutions:

 We provide pre-employment testing services using multiple assessments to assist employers in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of candidates before they hire them. We source, screen, and recruit candidates for technical, HR, OD, training, management, operations, marketing, customer service, and sales positions. We determine job fit and have helped employers minimize costly hiring expenses and turnover.