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Our clients have said:

.."I was in career shift so Leigh had her work cut out for her. I was amazed how she was able to draw pertinent information out and creatively organize ideas.”



At The Bridge, we love working with career exploration clients! We co-designed a Career Exploration Program for a leading outplacement firm focusing on personality, interests, skills, values, strengths, weaknesses and motivation.We use valid and reliable assessments that assist clients in gaining insight regarding appropriate career options. Leigh Moore is one of only a handful of liscensed counselors in the U.S. certified on the CPP and LOI, which use innovative simulation exercises to evaluate cognitive styles, problem solving, self-awareness, learning potential and work-related processing for adults and students. We are formally qualified to assist clients on a variety of assessment including: At The Bridge, we use the assessment results to assist clients in confirming their existing career path or begin exploring new career options. Benefits of using Career Assessments:

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Common challenges?

“What career paths are appropriate for me?”

 “What jobs are a natural fit for my personality, leadership style, skills, interests, and values?”

 “I want to identify my strengths and developmental areas.”

Innovative Solutions:

 We use a wide variety of assessment instruments to provide clients with insight into their strengths, developmental areas, and career paths that align with an individual’s interests, values, personality, leadership style, and skills.