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Our clients have said:

"Since we have last talked  I have been following your recommendations. I have been able to narrow down my interests and target careers / employers accordingly. Your recommendations have been crucial and I am grateful."..



Our Career Services are comprehensive!  We help students and adults crystallize their career mission, explore options, evaluate various opportunities and address any relevant issues. In addition, at The Bridge we write accomplishment-based résumés for private industry and Federal jobs, as well. 

Our services also include assistance in:

We have developed a network of recruiters and employers where we refer clients.  Even though we have had clients find employment as a direct result of our referral, we are not a placement service.  

Our expertise in working with clients in several job markets makes us a valuable resource for job seekers.

We co-authored a complete career transition manual.

Common challenges?

"I don't know what to do when I grow up."

"What are the next steps in my career?"

"I've just lost my job, what do I do next?"

"My boss is difficult to work for, how should I handle the situation?"

Innovative Solutions:

 We use our extensive knowledge and experience in career services, the job market, human resources, recruiting, and job fit to assist our clients in making well- grounded career decisions. Our career transition and outplacement services can be delivered in both individual and group settings.

We can help keep you focused and on track in your search with our job coaching service.

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